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This picture was taken in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. It is a flower of the American tree, Sycamore (Platanus occidentalis)




Humanity is part of a vast evolving Universe. Earth, our home, is alive and sustains a unique community of life. Despite global safety foundations being endangered, the consequent treacherous tendencies are not inevitable.
Therefore, we must decide what our future will be. Our choice is to build a global alliance to watch over the Earth and care for each and every one or else take the risk of self destruction.

Our environmental, economical, political, social and spiritual challenges are interwoven. Fundamental changes of our values, institutions and way of life are needed. We must make a decision to live by a universal sense of responsibility, identifying ourselves with the world’s community, as well as with our local community.

Human and kinship solidarity to life is strengthen when we conduct our lives by revering the mystery of existence, thanking for the gift of life, and humbly acknowledge the place human beings occupy in Nature.


Hence, together with trust, we must undersign 4 great principles:


1. Respect Earth and life with all its diversity, heed the community of life.

2. Watch over the community of life with thoughtfulness, compassion and love.

3. Build democratic societies that are just, participative, sustainable and pacific.

4. Secure Earth’s gifts and beauty for present and future generations.


Ecological Integrity is necessary to fulfill these 4 huge commitments.


Author: Unknown